African Journals Online

American Society of International Law

Australasian Journal of Information Systems

Bar Leader

Behaviour & Social Issues

Berkeley Technology Law Journal

Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin

Convention on Biological Diversity

Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution


Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum

Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law

Duke Law and Technology Review

Duke Law Journal

E Law: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

EC Competition Policy Newsletter

Evidence based on Library & Information Practice

The European Journal of International Law

The Federal Courts Law Review

Georgetown Journal of International Law

Gonzaga Journal of International Law

Harvard Law Review

Harvard Journal of Law and Technology

Indian Journal of Pharmacology

International Free and Open Source Software Law Review

Journal of Digital Information

Journal of Information, Law & Technology

Journal of Law and Business

Journal of Science and Technology Law

Journal of Transnational Law & Policy

Library & Information Research

Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review

Review of Intellectual Property Law

Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest

Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance

Stanford Law Review

Stanford Technology Law Review

Studies in Social Justice

Surveillance & Society

Virginia Law Review

Virginia Journal of Law and Technology

Virginia Journal of International Law

Washburn Law Journal

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues

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