Objectives :

To acquire knowledge of the subjects under discussion.

To update the knowledge of case law on the subject under discussion.

To promote analytical thinking.

To apply the knowledge to various factual situations as to ensure dispensation of quality Justice.

Nature of Training :

courses are conducted on selected topics of law for in-service Judicial Officers of all categories in the Subordinate Judiciary. The Hon'ble Judges of the High Court, Senior Judicial Officers, eminent lawyers and subject experts address the officers on selected topics of law followed by a discussion. Academy also prepares a questionnaire on the topics of discussion and sends this questionnaire to all participant officers in advance so as to enable them to make an in-depth study of the law involved and allied matters and to come prepared for a useful and meaningful discussion.

Venue :

Kerala Judicial Academy.

Duration :

Two days.

Target Group of Officers :

Munsiff-Magistrates, Chief Judicial Magistrates/ Sub Judges, M.A.C.Ts and District Judges.